TALLAHASSEE – TSG Advisors, a leading national consulting firm specializing in public safety, has added yet another expert to its growing team. Laurie Anderson brings three decades of experience and expertise in public safety and emergency communications to her new role with TSG Advisors.

For Laurie, public safety isn’t just a job – it’s her life’s work. Her initial interest in the public safety industry was driven by her strong family connection to law enforcement. However, it was shortly after she began answering calls as a public safety telecommunicator that she found her passion. Laurie quickly advanced through roles of trainer, supervisor, training coordinator, and later became the 9-1-1 Manager for the Charlotte County Sherriff’s Office.

“Laurie brings an immense amount of first-hand experience to our team. She has been in the public safety telecommunicator role. She knows what the opportunities and challenges are, and her expertise is nationally recognized,” said Jason Fuqua, Managing Principal of TSG Advisors, Public Safety.

Laurie’s journey in the public safety industry has been marked by a commitment to enhancing emergency response systems, advocating for legislative reforms, and driving the integration of cutting-edge technologies to empower the next generation of telecommunicators. But it was the experiences that she faced while under the headset that inspired Laurie’s work to advance and improve 9-1-1 and emergency response systems.

“Laurie brings a holistic approach with her public safety experience.  She has made a difference working for the advancement of public safety and Next Generation 9-1-1 at all levels of government. She brings proven leadership in public safety operations, Next Generation 9-1-1 technologies, and policy to the table,” said Dan Koenig, Senior Manager, 9-1-1 Program Services, Palm Beach County.

Laurie has held a wide array of leadership positions, working with other industry professionals to advance legislative priorities for emergency response and drive industry collaboration at the local, state and federal levels. She currently serves as an at-large representative of the Florida Emergency Communications Board and is the current National Emergency Number Association Immediate Past President. She is a former Florida Chapter of NENA President, has previously served on the NENA Education Advisory Board, and was a founding Co-Chair of the NENA Wellness Committee, a group dedicated to providing mental health resources to telecommunicators.

“Laurie is a true professional in the industry. She has been a go-to person for me and the entire North Carolina Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) for the last few years as we launched our mental health wellness initiative. Her dedication to seeing a project to fruition is second to none,” said Ryan Chambers, North Carolina NENA President. “Laurie will do everything in her power to assist and provide expert level guidance to ensure your agency, co-workers, and you personally, accomplish your goals.”

Laurie holds a bachelor’s degree in public safety management from Edison College and a master’s degree in educational technology from Florida Gulf Coast University.

When she is not serving in her community, Laurie enjoys biking, camping and traveling with her husband.


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