Public Safety

Public safety, Next Generation 911, security and emergency management consulting

Technology knowledge is power

The public safety industry is experiencing a digital transformation. From Next Generation 911, to increased cybercrime, to the insertion of artificial intelligence in surveillance and mass notification innovations, businesses and agencies must find a way to stay ahead of the technological curve. Organizations also need to leverage data in new ways and drive interoperability across the public safety ecosystem.

We help government agencies and private companies adapt their strategy to identify and leverage new opportunities in the digital age.

  • Unite Next Generation 911:
    Integrate NG911 technologies throughout the public safety ecosystem creating resiliency, interoperability, and increased efficiencies in a unified response environment.
  • Innovate Governance and Policy:
    Realign governance and policy creating collaboration across all public safety while supporting the advancement and adoption of new technologies.
  • Embrace Efficient, Effective Delivery:
    Change management streamlines procurement and supports project acceptance creating efficiencies in implementation, burn-in, and go-live decreasing risk and increasing chances for expansion.
  • Evolved Go To Market Strategy:
    Startup, growth, and mature strategies evolving in each phase of your journey, developing, and supporting short- and long-term goals.
  • Leverage Market Trends & Analysis:
    Turn market trends and analysis into a strategic asset, reporting tailored to specific client, product, or service offering opportunities driving data driven engagement.
  • Navigate the Public Safety Ecosystem:
    Break down industry silos, access capital investment, solution providers, governing associations, state, and local agencies, nurturing new and existing relationships to meet evolving needs.

Intelligent systems, data-driven solutions, and interoperability. Welcome to the new age of Public Safety.

Our team combines deep expertise, technical know-how, and influential relationships.

We bring decades of experience in the public safety industry with specialized knowledge in areas such as cybersecurity, first responder communication, NG9-1-1, and more.