TSG Advisors – Education’s Superintendent in Residence – Dr. Barbara Jenkins, hosted a webinar with local Central Florida Superintendents Dr. Mark Shanoff, Dr. Serita Beamon, and Dr. Diane Gullett Ed.D. to discuss the future of AI in K12 education. Here are our top three takeaways from the webinar session. ⬇️

Empowering Student Creativity: It is essential to foster an environment where students aren’t just users but creators of AI technology. By setting clear expectations and providing learning opportunities, we can confidently empower students to embrace AI, preparing them for their future. As administrators, we must continue learning and be unapologetic about implementing what is best for our students.

Proactive Policy Adaptation: Districts must be at the forefront of policy adaptation, ensuring our guidelines evolve alongside AI technology. From embedding AI readiness in our code of conduct to continuously amending policies to address emerging challenges, we must not be fearful but stay focused on fostering responsible AI usage and embracing new possibilities.

Strategic Technology Integration: We must continue strategically integrating AI technology into our educational systems, enhancing teachers’ abilities to prepare and enrich student learning experiences. From leveraging cloud-based solutions to partnering with businesses, we need to continue budgeting and planning for the future of AI in education.

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